Nelson-based, family-owned, NPD use strong branding to become a New Zealand-wide fuel network.

NPD is on a mission to build a strong fuel network throughout New Zealand, growing from around 20 sites to over 90 within just a few short years. That’s no mean feat, and we’ve been there every step of the way to help NPD make this vision a reality.

We partnered with NPD to design the look and feel of their new sites. As the brand was growing so rapidly, it was essential to maintain consistency. Every facet of the brand is considered — from the canopy and convenience store, right down to the staff name-badges at each NPD site. So no matter where you fill up, you’re met with the same values and identity that make up the NPD brand.

Concept to reality

During the design phase we create digital 3D models of each site. This allows us to explore design variations and make informed decisions about every last detail.

The 3D models are then instrumental in effectively communicating the design to the various teams of people involved in turning the concept into a reality. This process ensures we have control over maintaining a consistent brand across every new site in development.

Marketing Success

With the brand growing fast and new sites opening around the South Island, NPD needed to spread the word and increase awareness of the brand into new markets and audiences. We developed a comprehensive marketing plan to promote existing sites and create interest in new sites as they open. Our strategy included a variety of channels from traditional newspaper, radio, and magazine advertising to social media, and digital marketing on Google and Facebook.


These marketing campaigns have led to a huge amount of growth in consumer engagement with the NPD brand. NPD’s Facebook page has gone from a few hundred likes to over 10,000 in under two years. Through effective marketing, this will only continue to grow.

For NPD relationships are important. Our partnership with NPD has enabled us to have a unique insight into their business needs and to create and implement effective branding and marketing solutions as they undergo a period of significant growth.