Marketing and Digital Advertising

We work with you to create communications that stand out and motivate customers to action. We employ the creative and strategic tools of Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing to produce results.

Promoting Value

Great advertising starts when your products and services offer more perceived value to customers than what they paid for them. This value can be in how it solves a problem, creates an opportunity, improves prestige or just makes their life better. Our job is to communicate this value in the most engaging way possible.

Strategically Creative Communication

We start by developing a strategy that clearly expresses the benefits of your products, identifies who they are aimed at and isolates the best way to communicate to them. We then get specific and suggest tactics which may include things like paid for advertising, media releases, sales promotions, or events.

Downing is able to develop a family of advertising messages that can be used over and over for a period time. This allows you to build a stronger presence in the minds of your customers.

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Promotional Plans

A coordinated annual plan takes away the stress of saying ‘no’ when some seemingly good advertising offer comes along. If the offer fits in with the promotion plan you can take it, if not you just say “sorry it doesn’t fit with our plan.”

Placing ads in a random way or not leveraging one media with another , waters down the value of your advertising dollars and impact. For example a letterbox drop supported by a radio campaign will return better results than if run separately.

Without a plan businesses also run the risk of missing out on advertising at the right time. Without a plan you tend to advertise when you have time to organise it. This may not be the best time to capture customers. All businesses have seasonal highs and lows the key is to use a promotional plan to help manage these highs and lows in the most profitable way.

It is easy to lose sight of the big picture when you’re busy doing the day to day things of running a business. A co-ordinated promotional plan allows you set things in track and to get on with what you should be doing.

Our experience working with a variety of clients and almost every media situation possible means that we have greater insight into what works, what matters most and what you should expect to pay in the variable media market. Our clients know that professional promotional planning is hugely effective in helping business attract new customers and achieve the results they want.

An orchestrated approach to increase effectiveness

We develop an orchestrated plan to make all your advertising work in harmony for the best results. We can also ensure that your advertising messages are consistent across all your advertising channels. Letting the various media you advertise in (newspaper, radio, yellow pages, web) put together your ads may be ‘free’ but what you’re getting is a number of totally different people’s opinion of how and when you should projecting your message. With so many involved and so much variation in style and delivery it is nearly impossible to get a powerful singular message into the market.

The advantage of independence

We recommend the most suitable and timely promotional tactics available to promote your business – without bias – because we ‘re independent of any advertising channels such as radio, newspaper, television or directories. We don’t accept commissions from advertising media either so our recommendations are not coloured by whichever media pays the largest commissions.

Your offsite marketing department

Downing can manage all your advertising scheduling and booking. We can act as your offsite marketing department providing a single point of contact for all your advertising. We can also be a filter and sounding board for all the advertising proposals that come your way.

Create a sales funnel that turns prospects into customers

Mapping out your sales process and then creating the key tools and messages that are going to move prospects through the sales funnel is vital for building a successful sales machine in your business. Downing can help you maximise business opportunities by identifying and optimizing the specific parts of this process that matter most in your market.

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