Graphic Design for Pixels and Print

We produce marketing tools designed to communicate your business in an effective and inspired way. We seek to understand your business and customers, and then design solutions that are functional and creative. 

We work to get to the heart and soul of a business, or product, and then express the benefits of what you have to offer in the most effective way possible. It’s making your business attractive to your customers so they are drawn to your business rather than pushed.

Design for Print

When you need to get something printed it’s best to talk to us first. We have over 30 years of experience in producing printed material of every kind. We’re independent of any printer and therefore are able to select the print shop to suit your job without bias. We deal with printers in Nelson and throughout New Zealand in order to get the best quality, price and turn around for each job.

We can also suggest print solutions that you may not have thought of but which could well deliver great quality or reduce your costs overall. We manage the whole print process from creation to delivery, making what can be a technically confusing process as simple as possible for you. What sets us apart is our creative ability to make sure that what is printed is ‘on-brand’ and to the highest creative and quality standards.

Design for Digital

Website design, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube — the marketing options are endless. With well thought-out design applied across each platform you ensure your brand identity is displaying consistently and correctly.

We take pride in creating artwork that works across multiple platforms, is compelling, and visually stimulating. We collaborate with you to ensure design, marketing, and messaging is customised to each platform it appears on.