Effective Packaging Design can be difference between success and failure.

Why go to all the trouble of producing an amazing product only to have it fail because of weak packaging design? Or, imagine the exponential growth you could have with a pack design that stands out and attracts customers.

Whoever said ‘don’t judge a book by its cover was wrong. Publishers spend many thousands of dollars to make book covers that grab customers’ attention. Words, images, colours, textures and design all contribute to making you want to choose one book over another. We make judgements about products by the quality of their packaging, in the same way, every day. 

What will excellent packaging design do for you?

Stand out among the crowd.

A great packaging design will help your product stand out and get noticed. If your product fails to get noticed it will fail altogether.

Create desire

Once you have a customer’s attention your pack will need to be desirable. An attractive packaging design will move the customer to pick up your pack to find out more.

Add value

Packaging design can add tremendous value to the customer’s experience of buying your product.  The story the pack tells, the colour and textures all add to the value your product delivers and can allow you to charge more for your product. A diamond wrapped in a paper bag has far less of a sense of value than a diamond ring presented in a velvet coated hinged box. 

Aid to memory 

Great packaging is a tremendous boost to help customers remember your product they return to buy again. A strong colour, power image or product shape and help customers remember your product.

Tell your whole story

Outer packaging often creates more space to tell and sell your product. A label on a bottle provides limited space to contain all the requirements to promote your product. An outer carton gives you more room to convey all the information and regulatory requirements your product may to need to get to market.

Functional container

Packaging needs to work as an efficient way of getting your product to the consumer. This should never be overlooked. The materials used to pack your product can enhance your brand story or hinder it. If you use excessive amounts of packaging it could make you look wasteful. If your pack fails to contain your properly and its damaged in transit you can waste a lot of money.


Consideration should be given to sustainability and environmental impact. A well-designed pack, made with sustainability in mind, will add value to your brand.

How do you create high performing packaging?

Design plays a critical part in making your product stand out and appeal to your customers. The name, colours text and images all combine to convince your customers to buy your products. 

Your packaging design is your silent salesperson. It sells your product when you can’t be there.

Understanding your customer and what motivates them to buy your product is important. From a good solid understanding you can set about creating packaging that appeals to your customer’s needs. It is important to consider what problem your products solve. Then use your packaging design to make a promise on how you will solve this problem. 

It is important for packaging to stand-out on the shelf and get noticed. Your pack also needs to be remembered. So when the customers comes back to make the second purchase it is easy for them to remember your product.

Once again this is where good quality design comes into its own.

If you want to use design to extract extra value then it’s important to make your product look more valuable than the price ticket so the customer feels they are getting the best value for money. Graphic Design and creative thinking can create immense value over and above the cost of your product.

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